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Not your fault, no penalty

If a car collision wasn’t your fault, we won’t penalise your premium or cash-back bonus. Ts&Cs apply.

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Why choose Virgin Money car insurance
Guaranteed premium

Car Insurance

Virgin Money Insurance offers a range of insurance products to suit your lifestyle, with straight up no nonsense benefits.

Cashback bonus

10% cashback bonus

You’ll get 10% of your car and home monthly premiums back if you don’t make a claim in 3 years, at no extra cost to you.

No penalty clause

No penalty clause

If you claim for a car accident that isn’t your fault, you won’t be penalised by an increase in your premium, and your no claims bonus will not be affected.

Quick and easy claims

Quick and easy claims

No one likes to feel frustrated. Get your claims sorted quickly and easily, thanks to your claims person.

Everything a good policy should have

Your policy comes with 24/7 emergency assistance, third party liability and protection against theft, hijack, strikes, riots and fire. Phew!

Policies for your needs

You can tailor your car insurance policy because you are you. We have three different types of cover options to choose from as well as a bunch of optional extras.

Insurance clear and easy

Our policies are easy to understand, with no hidden clauses and small print.

Cubby hole guide

Having an accident is stressful, and can put you in a tail spin. Keep this handy guide in your car, and immediate help is just a flip of a page away.

You are the best! I obtained a policy with peace of mind...I'm a pensioner that got a masive deal from you, thank you!

- 7 July 2017

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Types of cover

Third party, fire and theft

Third party, fire and theft

Designed for drivers looking for minimal cover, it covers damage to third parties and limited protection for your car. If you need extra cover, then look at our other options.

In real life

If you have an accident, the other car will be covered, but yours will not.

We’ll repair, replace or compensate you if your car has been stolen, hijacked, or damaged by fire, strikes or riots. We understand that certain things are out of your control.

Total loss incl. third party

Total Loss including Third Party

Designed for drivers looking for balanced protection, it includes extended cover for your own car when it has been damaged beyond repair. You can add optional extras to make sure your cover fits with you.

In real life

If you have an accident, the other car will be covered. Your car will also be covered if it has been damaged beyond repair.

We’ll compensate you if your car has been stolen, hijacked, or damaged beyond repair by fire, strikes, riots, weather and the elements.



Designed for drivers looking for the highest level of protection available. It covers any damage to your own car and you can customise it with optional extras, with no stress later on.

In real life

If you have an accident, we’ll cover the other car and also yours.

We’ll repair, replace or compensate you if your car has been stolen, hijacked, or damaged by fire, strikes, riots, weather and the elements.

This is an outline of the main benefits of each policy. For a full list of benefits, exclusions and excesses, please call 0861 50 60 70.

Benefits and features

Emergency assistance 24/7

Our 24/7 emergency team is always here for you. No matter what your problem, give us a shout and we’ll do our best to help you there and then.

Passenger transport

If your car breaks down, we’ll take you and your passengers home, or to the nearest safe place if you’re away from home sweet home.

Motor specialists

All the garages in our network of approved repairers are staffed by fully qualified technicians. This means your car will always be handled with the best love and care.

Quick payouts

Once we agree on a settlement, we’ll pay you within 3 working days, pinky swear.

You choose your repairer protection

You can choose who will repair your car from our list of approved repairers.

Tracking device

Whether you decide to install a tracking device in your car or if it’s compulsory, we’ll apply a discount to your premium to help you with moola.

Your claims person

Your claims person will take care of your claim with minimum involvement from your side. No unnecessary requests and no endless paperwork.

Cubby hole guide

What to do after an accident? Keep this handy guide in your car at all times. Immediate help is just a flip of a page away.

Optional cover

For extra protection, you can add the following cover to your car insurance policy

We know it can be difficult to get around when your car is in for repairs. That’s why we offer you this optional extra, which allows you to hire a car for up to 30 days, so that you can carry on with life. We will provide a similar car to what you have insured, so no major adjustment. You will also be given a similar car for 5 days to drive when your car goes in for its annual service. Weren’t expecting that, were you?

We help you pay off your debts. If your car is stolen, hijacked or written off, we’ll pay the people who financed it the difference between the retail/market value (whichever is stated in your policy schedule) and the amount you still owe. Yes, you read that correctly, the amount you still owe.

Love your built-in navigation? We’ll repair, replace or compensate you for all specified extras or accessories fitted to your car so you won’t land up in Cape Town on the way to Nelspruit.

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? Give us a call on 0861 50 60 70 and we’ll be happy to help.

The retail value is the price quoted by TransUnion publications if your car is written off or stolen. The market value is the mid-point between the retail value and the trade-in value of your car. Example: 2015 Chevrolet Spark 1.2LS

  • Retail value: R117,200
  • Trade value: R105,400
  • Therefore, the market value is: (117200 + 105400)/2 = R111,300


We use a number of rating factors, and even though your car’s value may be decreasing, other factors may be increasing, still resulting in a premium increase. Don’t worry, there’s lots more to save.

The age of your car is an example of a rating factor that may be the reason your premiums go up. This might be because the cost to repair the make of your car increases over time. Expenses are a rating factor as well, meaning your premiums may also increase because of inflation.

The reason for this is so that we know all the details of your car, as well as the condition it’s in, the same as when you visit the GP.

Tsotsis never sleep. Some makes and models of cars are more at risk of being hijacked or stolen. We might ask you to have extra security devices fitted if you’re driving one of these models. As a result you can sleep when they don’t.

It’s not compulsory for all cars, only certain makes and models that are more at risk of being stolen or hijacked. If you do decide to install a tracking device, it’ll mean your car is less likely to be stolen, and you’ll save money on the theft portion of your premium. Remember we will gladly assist you with discounted tracking prices through our preferred partner.

Most modern vehicles have a factory fitted immobiliser. If your vehicle doesn’t, we won’t ask you to fit one. 

Yes, as long as they fall within our family of service providers. We’ve negotiated the best possible rates and service with them to protect your best interests.

Unfortunately not. We have an independent salvage contractor. Once your claim is settled, and the stolen car is recovered, it’s then sold to the contractor.

Yes, the age of the driver affects the premium. That’s because mature drivers have more driving experience, and are less likely to be involved in accidents.

Yes, when your partner’s a backseat driver. Just kidding, it’s actually quite the opposite. Your marital status is also one of the rating factors we use, and it does affect your premium but it’s generally single drivers who are more likely to be involved in accidents than married drivers

We use many factors to calculate the premium, these are:

  • the driver’s age
  • gender
  • marital status
  • where the car is parked overnight and during the day
  • the car’s make, model, year of manufacture, power-to-weight ratio, colour and retail/market value.

Your policy documents will be emailed or posted to you on the double.

A cashback bonus is a reward that you get for not claiming on your policy. At the end of every 3 claim free years we will pay 10% of your car and home premium back to you in cash.

All you need to do is tell us about any claims, losses or incidents you have had. We’re not asking for any additional proof, but we’ll validate the information you provide to us.

Sure thing, we can send you proof of your claims history during the period you were insured with us.

Yes, as long as they have a valid driver’s license, they’re not under 21 and not over 75, they haven’t been refused insurance before and their insurance hasn’t been cancelled before.

These things happen so yes you are, but you’re only covered for third-party property damage. The only exception is when you use a replacement vehicle while your own car, one you have insured with us, is in for a service, repairs or an overhaul. In this instance, the replacement vehicle will also be covered.

You can cancel your policy at any time and should we need to cancel your policy, we’ll give you 30 days’ notice.

No. That’s not something you need to sweat about.

Your cashback bonus will reset if you submit a claim, yes in any form, including windscreen claims.

If you’re insuring a brand new car, if your car has uninterrupted insurance cover for the past 12 months, or if your car is financed, your cover starts as soon as you accept our quote and provide us with all the necessary info. Your insurance will then be good to go.

If your car doesn’t belong in one of these categories, your cover starts as soon as you have your car inspected.

You need to let us know as soon as possible, so we can reassess your insurance policy. Please keep in mind that your premium might change because of this.

Your vehicle is only covered while being used in the following countries: Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, or Namibia.

Help for existing customers:

Customer services

Call the number below to talk to your people person about buying a policy now, or to update your details with us.

0861 50 60 70

Mon – Fri: 8am to 8pm Sat: 8am – 2pm

Make a claim

You can make a claim at any time of the day. Your own claims person will get things sorted as quickly as possible.

0861 50 60 70

Open at all times for new claims

Emergency assistance

Your safety always comes first. In life-threatening situations, call this number and we’ll assist you immediately. Please save this number now, so you don’t have to scratch around for it later.

0861 86 72 33

Open at all times

> Go to the car insurance claims page for more info

Car insurance guides and tools

How much cover do you need? Are you paying more than you should? Find out with our online guides and tools.

Cubby hole guide

Cubby hole guide

What to do after an accident? Keep this handy in your car at all times. Immediate help is just a flip of a page away.

Car Insurance 101

Car Insurance 101

Car insurance 101: the basics of car insurance cover, like the difference between comprehensive car insurance and third party, fire and theft.

Car insurance: Why are premiums so high for young drivers?

Car insurance: Why are premiums so high for young drivers?

Insurance companies have something against the young with their high premiums. Virgin Insurance explains why premiums are higher and how you can lower them.

There are even more guides and tools in our help section. Check them out.

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