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Why Choose Virgin Money home insurance
Alternative accommodation

Alternative accommodation

If your home becomes uninhabitable, we’ll pay you up to 20% of your sum insured so you can stay somewhere safe.

Cashback bonus

10% cashback bonus

You’ll get 10% of your monthly premiums back if you don’t make a claim in 3 years, at no extra cost.

Here to help

We’re here to help

Our 24hr emergency assistance means no matter what your problem is, we’re here to help.

Quick and easy claims

Quick and easy claims

Get your claim sorted quickly and easily, with your own claims person.

Types of cover

There are 2 types of home insurance. You can choose 1 of them or combine both to get the most comprehensive protection.

Home contents cover

Typically this is taken out by both renters and homeowners. Made to protect furniture, jewellery, personal belongings as well as electronics such as computers, tablets and smartphones against accidental damage and theft.

Buildings cover

Typically taken out by homeowners. Made to protect the building structure, including fixtures and fittings that form part of the structure. Includes fixed appliances such as heaters, geysers, ovens, etc.

Benefits and features

Our home insurance policies come with the following as standard

Protection against theft

If things from your home are stolen, you will be protected with this cover.

Home assistance 24/7

Things happen at home all the time. A 24hr helpline to help you deal with home emergencies. We’ll arrange an authorised contractor to sort out your problem as quickly as possible.

Strikes and riots

If things from your home are damaged during a strike or a riot, you’ll be covered.

Alternative accommodation

If your home is no longer a place you can stay, we’ll pay you up to 20% of the sum insured so you can stay somewhere else.

Locks and keys

The moment your heart sinks when you see your keys in the ignition. If locks, keys and remote controls to doors have been lost, damaged or stolen we’ll pay up to R3,000 to replace them.

Security guard

Want to feel safer? We will cover the cost, up to R3,000, of employing a security guard following an insured event such as a house break in.

Damage caused by fire and nature

Your policy covers damage caused by fire and explosions, lightning, thunderbolts, storms, wind, hail, snow, earthquakes, etc. Beat that mother nature.

Damage caused by water

Your policy covers bursting or overflowing geysers, and loss of water which should put your mind at ease.

Personal liability

You’ll be covered for any legal liability that you become responsible for as a result of owning or renting a property.

New for old

Out with the old and in with the new. If you can’t fix it, we’ll replace it. Applies to both home contents and buildings cover.

Quick and easy claims

Your own claims person will help you claim quickly and easily. No shuffling paperwork or stress for you.

Multi discount

You get an additional discount when you insure multiple properties or take out multiple home contents policies.

This is an outline of the main benefits of each policy. For a full list of benefits, exclusion and excesses please call 0861 50 60 70.

Optional cover

You can choose the following items to increase your protection

Accidental damage

These things happen. Available for both home contents and buildings. Covers up to R20,000 of accidental damage.

Personal belongings

If you have a busy on-the-go life, our unspecified All Risk cover, up to R20,000 for items like handbags, clothing, shoes, luggage when travelling etc is something you can’t afford to be without.

Specified items

It’s personal. All Risk cover for sunglasses, jewellery, tablets, smartphones, personal computers, etc. By declaring these items you make sure you cover them even when you take them away from home.

Subsidence and landslip

Limited protection is already included in your policy but you can take further cover to increase your protection.

Assistance for domestic employees

Cover for your domestic employee’s home if they can no longer live in it due to natural disasters.

ID theft

That awkward moment when someone else decides they want to be you. Covers any legal costs that arise as a result of your ID being stolen, for instance, a lawsuit brought against you by creditors or collection agencies.

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? Give us a call on 0861 50 60 70 and we’ll be happy to help.

This is the part of the claim where you act as your own insurer, and pay a small amount upfront when you claim. The balance of the claim is carried by your insurance company, up to the limit you are insured for.

Simple: if your building was completely destroyed, how much would it cost to rebuild it at today’s prices? Remember to think about the cost of architects and builders, as well as services like debris removal.

One relates to your home’s market value – in other words, what the market thinks your home is worth. The other relates to how much it costs to build your home per square metre.

Research how much it would cost to replace items like your fridge, TV and couches at their current prices. The internet is a wonderful thing.

This is not uncommon. We will calculate the proportion of the underinsurance and apply this to the value of the claim. For example, if you are insured for only 80% of the actual value of your contents then we will pay 80% of the claim.

It’s not called a work laptop for nothing, so your employers should have your work laptop covered under their business insurance. But if you’re responsible for insuring your work laptop, do so under “All Risks – portable possessions” cover, not household contents.

Simple. “Home Contents” means the moveable items inside your home, like furniture. “All risks – portable possessions” covers the items you may carry with you, like your smartphone and your golf clubs. This way your smartphone and golf clubs are covered, even if they’re not in the house, which is probably often. You would also need to specify items under All Risks- portable possessions if their values exceed the per item limit under the Contents section.

Any item that is important to you.

The short answer is yes but up to a limit. You will have to check your policy for exact amounts covered.

This is an optional extension on your contents and/or buildings insurance, and covers items that are accidentally damaged, up to the limit that you choose.

Yip, but there are some conditions. Give us a shout on 0861 50 60 70 if you want to know more.

Just insure the contents of your flat; your landlord should have building insurance.

Yes, you can, if they are noted as policyholders. However, communes are not covered.

Yes, this will be covered under the home contents policy, up to the limit mentioned in your policy wording.

If you as the homeowner or tenant are sued or become liable by law to pay for something as a result of damage or injury to third parties or property belonging to third parties, your policy will cover these costs.

You are you and that’s the way it should be, so we’ll cover the costs of legal expenses, loss of income due to work time lost while correcting the identity theft, and miscellaneous expenses i.e. costs incurred by you for re-filing application for credit and debit accounts.

That hurts, but we understand these things happen. You can call the Virgin Money Insurance hotline on 0861 50 60 70.

Help for existing customers:

Customer services

Call the number below to talk to your people person about buying a new policy, to renew your policy or update your details.

0861 50 60 70

Mon – Fri: 8am to 8pm
Sat: 8am – 2pm

Make a claim

You can make a claim at any time of the day. Your own claims person will get things sorted as quickly as possible.

0861 50 60 70

Open at all times for new claims

Emergency assistance

Your safety always comes first. In life-threatening situations, call this number and we’ll assist you immediately.

0861 86 72 33

Open at all times

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